Export Packaging & Warehousing

Export Packaging & Warehousing

Our export packing capabilities and consolidation facilities can protect and ensure the appropriate crating and boxing of any size and type of cargo.

This service includes the marking, labeling, addressing, pack-listing of your materials in any required size of packing and countries

Our packers are the _ PRO _ of this industry.

Quality Assurance

We provide Constant high level of quality services to our customers.

Quality, in logistics, is about having no errors in shipments, low product damage, on-time orders, high productivity, excellent alignment with customer requirements, and full regulatory compliance.

We Focus on client satisfaction and run In-house quality control system for monitoring and providing feedback on offered services


We offer a fully comprehensive service. International logistics aim is to save you money and reduce your shipping cost in recommending the use of their consolidation movements.

Whenever and wherever possible, International logistics will arrange to ship your small consignments along with the higher weight break of their cargo at a relative low cost.

In this area, higher shipping costs for small individual shipments are always avoided.